Sea Shells Proven To Improve Your Life

Did you know, every place has its own aura and energy field? And, in Feng Shui, the Chinese version of Vaastu Shastra, many objects are used to enhance the positive energies of a place.
Seashells are one such object which invites good vibes into your home or the workplace. People who holiday on seashores inevitably pickup shells from the beach, which they casually place around the home, unaware of its powers. Well, in Feng Shui, seas-shells come loaded with luck.
Just as in Hindu faith, where conch shells and cowrie shells are used in puja, these two types of shells are particularly significant. Because of their association with the sea, which connects distant places, shells are supposed to enhance travel luck as well as strengthen long-distance relationships. Seashells also provide relief from stress and offer a protective shield. Shells are also a symbol of good communication, positive and healthy relationships and prosperity.
However, Feng Shui lays great emphasisis on the direction in which any object is kept, so as to derive the right kind of benefits.the same holds good fro sea shells as well.
  1. For strengthening marital relations: Placing shells in the south-west corner of the bedroom helps bring a couple together and also strengthen the relationship.
  2. For protecting your home: Placing sea shells on a window sill will attract good energy.
  3. For good luck: Keeping sea shells in a basket will bring much needed luck in your life.
  4. For a stable career: Decorate on a table top to have a prosperous career.
  5. For better learning for children: Place sea-shells in the north-east sector of the living room to strengthen education.
  6. For greater wealth: Decorate a water fountain with sea shells. In Feng Shui, a flowing water fountain symbolises money flowing into the house. Adding sea shells helps protect that money.
  7. For better family ties: Place sea shells in the kitchen to create harmony and strengthen family ties.
  8. For better relations: Decorate a photo frame with the picture of the person concerned with shells or place shells around the photo, to strengthen your relationship with the person in the picture. This works because shells help develop relationships, bring good energy and improve communication. It follows, naturally, that with sea shells, your communication with the person in the picture will improve.
  9. The bigger the better: Pick up a big and attractive shell from the beach or underwater (in this case, ensure that no living creature is inside whose home it may be) as the bigger, the better, under Feng Shui. If placed in the south sector of the living room, it enhances the reputation of the occupant.
Along with big, smooth sea shells also have special value in Feng Shui.

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There’s no denying that seashells are intricately beautiful. But there’s more to the seashell than meets the eye.

Did you know, every place has its own aura and energy field? Seashells are often used to enhance the positive energies of a place.