Rare Designer Carved Blowing Conch Shell (Polished)


The scalar sound waves that are generated by blowing the conch balance the chakras in the body. The vibrations it produces purify the air and is believed to destroy the disease-causing germs in the atmosphere. When the Conch is blown, energy is emitted from it, which reduces the strength of distressing frequencies. The other benefit is that it helps to develop good lung capacity. It not only enables us to inhale a lot of air but also helps in contracting the muscles from the face to the foot. Blood gushes and improves circulation supplying oxygen to each cell of our body. The shankha is praised in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin and the abode of goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and consort of Vishnu.

But apart from having to do with the spiritual significance of conch blowing there are also many health benefits. Blowing of this Shankha removes negative energy from the house and makes the mind pure. Most importantly, blowing of Shankh has a scientific basis as well. Blowing this Shankh helps to inflate and deflate the lungs which helps in raising the stamina of lungs and clears the airway path of human body. Conch blowing is a great exercise for the urinary tract, bladder, lower abdomen, diaphragm, chest and neck muscles. The blowing of the Conch works on the thyroid, muscles of the neck and the vocal cords too. Not only this. It helps children and adults with problems with speech. Its sound is supposed to destroy harmful elements in the environment and bring in positive energy. Any puja is incomplete without the blowing of a shankh or conch shell. 


Certain things make us wonder how beautiful the nature could be. Conch shells, or shankh as we call them in India, are one of them. These sea shells or mollusc of snails are commonly used for decoration purposes and even for religious rituals. Vaastu says that the vibrations emitted from blowing a conch have the power to eliminate negative energies. This makes conch shells a must-have décor item in our homes. As per Hindu Mythology, Vamvarti Shankh is a one among the nine objects that emerged during Samundra Manthan. It is said to represent Lord Kubera who is the custodian of wealth, hence keeping the Shankh is said to bring prosperity in the household. The sound coming from the Shankh resembles the most auspicious sound in Hinduism which is "Om". This Shankh is used in all the Vedic Puja ceremonies and is blown multiple times when starting or ending the different parts of Puja ceremony.

Seashells have been used as musical instruments, wind instruments for many hundreds if not thousands of years. Whole seashells or parts of sea shells have been used as jewellery or in other forms of adornment since prehistoric times. Shells historically have been and still are made into, or incorporated into, necklaces, pendants, buttons, beads, earrings, brooches, rings, belt buckles and other uses. Small pieces of coloured and iridescent shell have been used to create mosaics and inlays, which have been used to decorate walls, furniture and boxes. Large numbers of whole seashells, arranged to form patterns, have been used to decorate mirror frames and furniture. 

Please Note: Seashells are naturally occurring substances. The availability, size and colour differs from product to product and varies from season to season, depending on the lot. The actual product might vary from the pictures because of the very fact that the lighting conditions when the picture was taken were different or the lot of the product was different. We promise you to do our best to fulfil our commitments and match your expectations but please understand that we don’t want to overdo and harm the ecosystem. We honestly prefer preserving the feel and appearance of the product as well as the environment by keeping it as natural as possible. 

Product Name: Rare Designer Blowing Conch Shell (Polished)
Product Code: KSSM/001/005/003/001/VVVS KSSM/001/005/003/002/VVS KSSM/001/005/003/003/VS KSSM/001/005/003/004/XXXS KSSM/001/005/003/005/XXS KSSM/001/005/003/006/XS KSSM/001/005/003/007/S KSSM/001/005/003/008/M KSSM/001/005/003/009/L KSSM/001/005/003/010/XL KSSM/001/005/003/011/XXL KSSM/001/005/003/012/XXXL KSSM/001/005/003/013/VL KSSM/001/005/002/014/VVL
Product Type: Seashell
Product Size (Approx. Length): VVVS: 2.5” – 3.0” VVS: 3.0” – 3.5” VS: 3.5” – 4.0” XXXS: 4.0” – 4.5” XXS: 4.5” – 5.0” XS: 5.0” – 5.5” S: 5.5” – 6.0” M: 6.0” – 6.5” L: 6.5” – 7.0” XL: 7.0” – 7.5” XXL: 7.5” – 8.0” XXXL: 8.0” – 8.5” VL: 8.5” – 9.0” VVL: 9.0” – 9.5”
Colour: White – Light Brown Strands with Self Flower design.
Product Packing (Pieces): 1 pc
Finish: Glossy – Smooth Look with Self Design.
Extra Information: It is advised not to look at the sizing convention. The serial numbers in roman numerals have been used just for your reference. Have a look at the dimension (Length) instead.