Right Hand Conch Shell : Lightning Whelk (White– Unpolished)


The genuine Lakshmi Shank is a sinistral conch shell from the Indian Ocean, and certainly not a sinistral Whelk (Lightning Whelk). A true Valampuri shell is a species in the gastropod genus Turbinella L. The most common species is Turbinella pyrum L. It is important to note that only the rare sinistral variety of Turbinella species is a true Lakshmi Shankh. This kind of shell is very rare in its occurrence. Other right-turning sea snail shells of a similar shape, such as the lightning whelk (Sinistrofulgur perversum), are often mistakenly sold and worshiped in place of the genuine Shank. However, the real Lakshmi Shank has 3 to 7 ridges or plaits on its columella, whereas whelk shells do not show the presence of such plaits on its columella. The best authenticity test is to take an X-ray image of the Valampuri. 
Real Lakshmi Conch (right side spinning) are estimated to occur only one per 100,000 conch shells. The shell of the lightning whelk on the other hand almost always opens on the right (when viewed with the siphonal canal pointing upwards). Valampuries with five plaits or folds in its cavity are known as 'Panchajanya' and are very rare. Completely snow-white Valampuries are also very rare and expensive. Giant Valampuries more than 5 kg are extremely rare in occurrence. Valampuries more than 3 feet in length are reported.

Some of the benefits of dakshinavarti shankh or right hand conch placing this shell at Pooja place or locker brings wealth, good luck and prosperity to the individual and his family. Brings peace to the premises. If kept during a religious gathering, it brings knowledge by evoking divinity. Fill it with water and sprinkle it on a person or in premises. Right Hand Conch Shell is appropriate for bringing wealth and prosperity. This right hand conch shell is popularly known as "dakshin avarti shankh". It also has a close relationship with the goddess lakshmi. If it is kept during a religious gathering, it also brings knowledge by evoking divinity. This particular product that we are selling is a Lightning Whelk and can be used as a decorative piece or can even be placed in places of worship. This is considered a Right Hand Shankh in some places but is not a real Right Hand Shankh.


Certain things make us wonder how beautiful the nature could be. Conch shells, or shankh as we call them in India, are one of them. These sea shells or mollusc of snails are commonly used for decoration purposes and even for religious rituals. Vastu says that the vibrations emitted from blowing a conch have the power to eliminate negative energies. This makes conch shells a must-have décor item in our homes. As per Hindu Mythology, Dakshinavarti Shankh (ValampuriSankh) or Lakshmi Shankh, is a sacred conch shell. The Dakshinavarti Shankhor Valampuri Sanggu is said to bring blessing, particularly prosperity, fortune and money. Dakshinavarti Conch is an auspicious Shankh. Goddess Lakshmi resides in Sri Lakshmi Shankor Dakshinavarti Conch bestows worshippers with good fortune and wealth.

Seashells have been used as musical instruments, wind instruments for many hundreds if not thousands of years. Whole seashells or parts of sea shells have been used as jewellery or in other forms of adornment since prehistoric times. Shells historically have been and still are made into, or incorporated into, necklaces, pendants, buttons, beads, earrings, brooches, rings, belt buckles and other uses. Small pieces of coloured and iridescent shell have been used to create mosaics and inlays, which have been used to decorate walls, furniture and boxes. Large numbers of whole seashells, arranged to form patterns, have been used to decorate mirror frames and furniture. 

Product Name: Right Hand Conch Shell : Lightning Whelk (White– Unpolished)
Product Code: KSSM/001/004/003/001/VS KSSM/001/004/003/002/XXXS KSSM/001/004/003/003/XXS KSSM/001/004/003/004/XS KSSM/001/004/003/005/S KSSM/001/004/003/006/M KSSM/001/004/003/007/L KSSM/001/004/003/008/XL KSSM/001/004/003/009/XXL KSSM/001/004/003/010/XXXL
Product Type: Seashell
Product Size (Approx. Length): VS: 2” - 3” XXXS: 3” - 4” XXS: 4” – 5” XS: 5” – 6” S: 6” – 7” M: 7” – 8” L: 8” – 9” XL: 9” – 10” XXL: 10” – 11” XXXL: 11” – 12”
Colour: White – Light Brown Strands.
Product Packing (Pieces): 1 pc
Finish: Matt – Rugged Look
Extra Information: It is advised not to look at the sizing convention. The serial numbers in roman numerals have been used just for your reference. Have a look at the dimension (Length) instead.